6 Things To Do Before Turning On Your Air Conditioner

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May tends to be the month when most people think about turning on their air conditioner for the first time. As the temperatures climb and summertime humidity returns, the desire to walk into a cool home becomes important.

Before starting your air conditioner, every homeowner should make sure to check these items off their to-do list to ensure their unit stays under warranty and performs efficiently.

1. Remove the winter cover

This might sound like an obvious step but we can assure you that if everyone removed the cover from their air conditioner, it wouldn’t be on this list.

Failure to remove your unit’s cover can cause irreparable damage and void your warranty. Before you flick the switch on your air conditioner, head outside and make sure the winter cover has been removed.

2. Remove debris in and around the unit

Over the winter months, it’s possible that twigs, rocks, leaves, and other debris got into the unit. Make sure to remove all such debris by following these three steps:

  1. Turn off the power to the unit from your electrical panel, or unplug the unit entirely.
  2. Remove the fan cage with a screwdriver or wrench.
  3. Use a shop vacuum or your hands to remove all debris from inside the unit.

3. Trim back vegetation

If there are any shrubs, bushes, trees, grass, or vines that are getting too close to your air conditioner, trim them back. This is a task that will have to be repeated throughout the summer as plants continue to grow to ensure that vegetation doesn’t obstruct or damage your unit.

4. Check the condensate drain

As your air conditioner cools your home, moisture accumulates and this creates a byproduct called condensate. Most units have a built-in drain that ensures water is flushed away, however,if those systems fail, the repercussions could lead to significant problems.

5. Clean the coils

This is a crucial step in any air conditioner cleaning process. Coils can become filled with dust and debris.In order to maintain your unit’s efficiency and longevity, it’s important that you thoroughly clean the coils of your air conditioner.

You can buy products to help you clean the coils. Keep in mind that cleanings may need to happen multiple times a year, especially in areas when there is construction in the area.

Expert Tip: Ensure that you take great care in cleaning the coils, as too much pressure with a hose can damage the fins.

6. Get a Protection Plan

Therm-All offers maintenance plans for your air conditioner starting at just $9.99 a month. Our plans feature 24/7 support, do not require pre-inspection, and include annual maintenance for your unit.

If you want to take all the worry out of maintaining your air conditioner, get in touch.

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