Keep your workplace free from airborne viruses, allergens, mould, and pollutants, with a commercial air purification system.

From UV lights to medical-grade air purifiers for offices, gyms, studios, and more, the air quality experts at TAME Group have you covered.

Prevent unwanted particles and pathogens from contaminating your air with UV lights.

Ultraviolet light is used extensively in commercial and institutional HVAC systems to improve the air quality for those inside.

Germicidal UV lights use a photocatalytic process to disinfect mould, bacteria, and infectious disease, and decrease volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the air.

In a world where indoor air quality is of the utmost importance to people entering a commercial setting, now is the time to consider upgrading your business’s HVAC system with a UV light.

Protect your business from airborne viruses

The coronavirus pandemic that hit Ontario in March 2020 forever changed our relationship with airborne viruses. Air purification systems have been scientifically proven to protect people from many types of airborne viruses.

In order to help combat viruses, the team at TAME Group recommends installing a UV Light on your commercial HVAC system.

How UV lights work

The neutralizing effects of ultraviolet light have been used in commercial applications since the 1950s and are now becoming a staple in HVAC systems across Ontario as businesses look to find ways to keep their employees and customers healthy.

To inactivate harmful microscopic organisms, it’s necessary that they come in contact with a specific UVC dosage.

A 2013 study conducted with the Government of Canada and the University of Waterloo found that the coronavirus was degraded between 40-53% from just one pass through an HVAC system with a Second Wind™ UV light.

2013 UV Test Results

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Common commercial indoor air quality problems

Sick Building Syndrome (SBS):

SBS occurs when a building negatively affects the health of those inside. Symptoms can include irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat; headaches; stuffy nose; lethargy; skin irritation; and more. Symptoms typically disappear when the person leaves the building.

SBS can lead to decreased customer satisfaction and an increase in absenteeism.

Building-Related Illness (BRI):

BRI is a defined illness that occurs from exposure to a building’s air. The agent that causes this illness can sometimes be chemical, but it is often biological. Biological contaminants include humidification systems, cooling towers, drain pans and filters, and water-damaged material.

BRI can lead to flu-like symptoms and respiratory illnesses.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS):

A person with MCS can have a number of sensitivities to particular airborne agents that do not have an observable effect on the general population. Persons with MCS can have difficulty being in most buildings, but with the right air purification and protocols, symptoms can be dramatically reduced.

Testing the air change rate in your commercial space

The rate at which air changes in a room is important when making commercial spaces safe for customers and staff.

Installing the right unit will allow for an increase in the number of air exchanges per hour and reduce the time needed for fresh air to fill a room. Your business could reduce this time from three hours to as little as eight minutes depending on the size of your space.

Whether it’s an HRV, an ERV, a HEPA filter, or an air changer, TAME Group has the solutions you need to ensure a safe environment for those entering your business.

Preventative Maintenance Plans

A TAME Group Preventative Maintenance Plan is your worry-free solution to ensure that your system is operating effectively and efficiently.

Our team will customize your plan to cover the specific equipment that your business uses for its operations.

TAME Group offers commercial HVAC maintenance plans for office buildings, retirement homes, warehouses, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, and more.

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Protect your business from unwanted allergens, viruses, and pollutants with the right air purification system for your space.

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