Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Outfit your commercial or residential property with a charging station for all makes and models of EVs

EV car charger installation for your home, condo building, and business.

Whether you need a single electric vehicle charging station for your home, a few for your condo complex, or a row for the customers and staff at your commercial business, TAME Group will provide you with a TSSA-approved charging station for your vehicles.

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What type of electric vehicle charging stations do you install?

There are three basic types of EV charging stations to choose from, based on where you’re installing your charging station, and how many you need.

Level 1 Charger Installation

These charging stations are the simplest, most cost-effective types of charging stations. They are easy to install in almost any garage, and require basic 110-120-volt AC power — standard in any home.

These types of charging stations are the “plug and play” variety and are recommended for hybrid-electric vehicles.

Level 2 Charger Installation

These charging stations use a 240-volt circuit — similar to what your clothes dryer uses.

For this reason, homeowners hire trained and TSSA-certified electricians like TAME Group to install 240-volt circuits in their garage. A benefit to Level 2 charging stations is that they charge vehicles a lot faster than Level 1 chargers.

Level 2 charging stations are recommended for fully electric vehicles.

Level 3 Charger Installation

Ideal for commercial usage, Level 3 charging stations enable direct current (DC) charging, leading to much quicker charging times. 

Depending on the model of car and size of the battery, Level 3 stations can typically charge a battery in about an hour — perfect for people going grocery shopping, to the mall, or out for a bite to eat.

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EV Home Charger Installation

One of the best aspects of switching to an electric vehicle (aside from the environmental benefits) is that you can make going to the gas station a thing of the past.

An EV installation at your home means that, on a cold winter’s night, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to fill up your tank. You can also stop worrying about gas prices before a long weekend at the cottage — just walk into your garage, plug in your vehicle, and get ready for your trip!

This is the future. All you have to do is get in touch with us to bring the future to your home.

Give your customers, clients, and staff the gift of green energy.

The business case for electric vehicle charging stations is clear: If customers can run their errands, clients can visit professional services, and staff can fuel up while at work, then you’ve turned your commercial property into a destination — all while reducing your carbon footprint in your community. Everyone wins.

As electric vehicles become the go-to vehicles for both private and commercial use, commercial charging stations will equip your business with the tools needed to address the future of transportation.

Your one-stop shop for EV charger installations

TAME Group EV charging stations include a manufacturer’s warranty on the station and a 1 year parts and labour warranty.

Our qualified team of technicians can also provide you with yearly maintenance and inspections of your equipment to make sure its operating properly.

Anything you need for your EV charging station, TAME Group can provide.

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