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Any alterations, additions, adjustments or repairs made by a party other than TAME Group, unless authorized or agreed upon in writing by TAME Group, will be cause to terminate TAME Group’s obligation under the contract.


You agree to rent from us the equipment from when we install the equipment until this Agreement ends unless terminated earlier by you or us (“Term”). After this Agreement is terminated, we will not be required to supply, service, or maintain, and you will not be required to rent, any replacement equipment. If you want to change the equipment or rent additional equipment, a new agreement will replace this Agreement and a new rental rate will be calculated. All outstanding obligations owed by you prior to the termination of this Agreement shall survive termination until fully satisfied, as determined by us.


You agree that: (i) You will pay your charges billed under this Agreement when due; (ii) You agree to pay HST and any other taxes payable in connection with this Agreement; (iii) You will promptly inform us of any change in (a) your mailing address; and/or (b) if previously provided, bank account or credit card information you provided; (iv) your charges may be included on your utility bill or we may bill you for your charges directly or through our service provider. Acceptable methods of payment will be set out on the bill you receive. Should any payment be returned for nonsufficient funds (NSF), you agree to pay a NSF charge of $40. A late payment charge will apply to all overdue amounts on your bill, including applicable federal and provincial taxes. The rate for late payment charges is 2.0% per month or 24% per year . Your bill is due on the date indicated on the bill; (v) If you are billed directly by us or our service provider, unless otherwise specified by you, we will email your monthly bill to the email address provided above. In the event that no email address is provided by you or you notify us that you wish to receive your bill by mail, we will mail your bill to the Service Address or the Mailing Address, if a Mailing Address is provided by you. You may be subject to a paper bill charge if you wish to receive your bill by mail; (vi) The current monthly rental charge is the amount set out on the first page of this Agreement. (vii) You will use the equipment safely and responsibly, and in particular you will: (a) ensure that no combustible, hazardous, or flammable materials are used or stored in the same room as, or near, the equipment; (b) ensure that the equipment is not confined in a location where it is difficult to service or remove or where there is inadequate ventilation; (c) ensure that the filters, vents, and openings are kept clear and clean and are otherwise kept well maintained by you; (d) provide us with access to the equipment whenever reasonably required for purposes of inspection, maintenance, repair or removal, and in connection therewith will authorize site personnel at your location to permit us access to the premises; and (e) obtain our approval before you connect any add-on equipment, such as air handlers, humidifiers, storage tanks, air duct systems, or hydronic baseboards to the equipment. We are not responsible for the installation or maintenance of any add-on equipment, or for any damage caused by this add-on equipment or the equipment if the damage occurred because of the add-on equipment. You will (i) notify us promptly if the equipment breaks down or is damaged; (ii) not permit anyone but us to service, repair, modify, move, or disconnect the equipment; (iii) be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the equipment, even if caused by you or third parties, unless caused by us or is otherwise part of TAME Group’s commitment described above; (iv) be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, the equipment if caused by fire, flood, accident, or other insurable risks; and (v) maintain in good working order the ancillary piping, venting, wiring or ducting owned by you. You will not tamper with any plate(s), tag(s) or sticker(s) identifying the equipment as owned by us. If you sell, lease or otherwise transfer the premises, you will, in addition to your obligations otherwise set forth herein, advise us in advance and advise the transferee that the equipment is rented pursuant to this Agreement. At the end of the Useful Life of any Equipment, you are not obligated to rent and we are not obligated to supply replacement Equipment therefor, unless we mutually agree at the time pursuant to a new agreement. If the Equipment is gas-fired, you are required, as the user of the Equipment, under law to ensure that it is maintained in a safe operating condition [Ontario regulation 212/01 Section 15]. In the event that a service or repair is required please call 1-866-397-3787. This Agreement is binding upon and will enure to your heirs, personal representatives, successors and permitted assigns. During the Term , you are responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment from any cause, whether or not insured, until all of your obligations under the Agreement have been fulfilled.


During the Term, the equipment remains the property of TAME Group and/or Vista Credit and, although it may be affixed to the premises, is not intended to become a fixture. You agree to assist in protecting our ownership interest by signing and providing any further documents we may reasonably require and you acknowledge that we may register notices of security or ownership as we deem appropriate, including on title to the premises. You agree to keep the equipment free of all liens, security interests, mortgages, and other claims.


Cover the diagnosis and repair, replacement or adjustment, as we determine necessary, of specified parts within your heating unit (if your plan includes a Heating Protection Plan) and cooling unit (if your plan includes a Cooling Protection Plan) subject to the exceptions noted below.

For parts and services included in the Comfort Heating/Cooling Protection Plans, you are protected from all labour and part replacement costs, up to the limits described below.


If your plan includes a Heating Protection Plus Maintenance Plan same coverage as Comfort Heating Protection Plans plus a 21-point annual check-up and cleaning of your heating unit including a safety test for carbon monoxide, where applicable.

Flushing of the heat exchanger or additional cleaning that is required due to insufficient maintenance, prior to joining any TAME Group Heating Protection Plan or Plus Maintenance Plan is excluded from coverage and will be charged to you at our standard labour rate.

Boiler system drainage and refill are excluded from any TAME Group Heating Protection Plan or Plus Maintenance Plan coverage.

If your plan includes a Cooling Protection Plus Maintenance Plan, same coverage as a TAME Group Cooling Protection Plan, plus an annual check-up and cleaning of your cooling unit.

The costs to diagnose and replace any defective parts which have caused a refrigerant leak are included in your TAME Group Cooling Protection Plan or Plus Maintenance Plan including refrigerant recovery, vacuuming, and refill.

Additional cleaning that is required due to insufficient maintenance prior to joining any TAME Group Cooling Protection Plan or Plus Maintenance Plan is excluded from coverage and will be charged to you at our standard labour rate.

Although we may attempt to remind you from time to time of any annual check-up or cleaning to which you may be entitled, we are not obligated to do so, and you are responsible for contacting us to arrange any such annual check-up or cleaning at a mutually convenient time. We will not be responsible for any annual check-up or cleaning that is not provided due to you failing to contact us.

For additional information, please contact TAME Group at 519-267-8437.

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