Therm-All installs high-efficiency, top name brand furnaces that will keep you warm and save you money.

For the price of a coffee a day, you can have a top of the line furnace installed in your home.

You can choose to rent, finance, or purchase your furnace.

A rental furnace installation for your home with Therm-All includes:

  • Expert technician support 24/7/365
  • No charge installation*
  • 10 year parts and labour warranty on any manufacturer-related defects
  • Convenient monthly pre-authorized payments
  • Annual rate increase protection
  • Rental and warranty that is fully transferable
  • New rental equipment after 10 years*

*Some conditions apply.

Our expert technicians will take the time to discuss and assess your unique situation.

We are focused on ensuring that you get what works best for your lifestyle — we aren’t in the business of selling you things you don’t need. Your comfort is our priority.

There are a lot of options when selecting a new furnace, and we understand that homeowners often have questions:

How often should I change my furnace filter?

We recommend that you change your air filter every three months. If you are doing a home renovation, and there is increased dust and dirt in the air, you may need to change it more frequently during that period of time.

Sometimes it is recommended to change your filter more than once every three months, we go into detail in our blog post here.

Do I need to have regular maintenance on my furnace?

The ensure the safety of your household and furnace efficiency, we highly recommended to have regular maintenance performed on your furnace.

Read our blog about this here.

What is MERV rating?

MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value. This is the standard used to rate the size of the particles that an air filter can capture so that these particles aren’t blown through your ducts and into your home.

We talk more about MERV in our blog post, here.

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