Top 3 Reasons To Upgrade To A High-Efficiency Furnace

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Are you considering an upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace for your home?

If your conventional gas furnace is nearing the end of its life, or if you are looking for ways to reduce your heating bills and your carbon footprint, we recommend making the switch to a high-efficiency furnace.

Here are three key reasons why upgrading to a high-efficiency furnace makes sense:

The benefits of a high-efficiency furnace

1. Save Money

If there ever was an incentive to upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace, saving money would be it. Home heating bills account for 60 per cent of your energy bill. Switching to a high-efficiency furnace can reduce your home’s annual heating bill by up to 35 per cent.

High-efficiency furnaces reduce bills by using a secondary heat exchanger to extract energy from water vapour — a byproduct of burning natural gas. They also do away with pilot lights and come with variable-speed blowers, all of which combine to bring you comfortable ambient temperatures in your home for less money.

2. More Environmentally Friendly

According to Save On Energy, “High-efficiency furnaces have 92 to 97 per cent efficiency. Older model ratings were typically around 65 per cent. This means over a third of your home’s heating would go to waste.”

It doesn’t make any sense to your wallet or to the environment to burn fuel you’re not going to use.

3. Improved air quality

One of the biggest knocks against modern homes is that, in a bid to be as energy-efficient as possible, they are far less drafty than older homes. In many ways, this is a good thing. However, a home without leaks is a home with a lack of fresh air.

High-efficiency furnaces, thanks to their variable-speed blowers, not only run less often than their traditional counterparts, but the blowers keep air moving throughout your home. Combined with improved air filters, you can improve the quality of air in your home by making the upgrade.

If you’re considering an upgrade to a high-efficiency furnace, the team of experts at TAME Group can make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck with a furnace that’s appropriate for the size of your home and your budget.

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    Is it true that you have to have a drain near the furnace? Otherwise I have to
    continue using a mid efficiency furnace.

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