Everything You Need To Know About Pool Heaters In Ontario

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A quality pool heater can extend your swimming season and, with the blink-of-an-eye summers we seem to have in Ontario, every extra day in the pool counts.

While today’s pool heaters are well-built and designed to provide years of reliable and efficient heating capabilities, there will still come a time when you’ll have to replace your heater.

In this blog, we outline the basics of what to look for in a quality pool heater. If you would like professional assistance in installing and maintaining your pool heater, TAME Group offers a turnkey service that can even include installing underground gas lines!

Types of pool heaters

Gas pool heaters

The majority of pool heaters used in Ontario are gas powered and use either natural gas or propane to operate. As the pump circulates the water in the pool, the water passes through a filter and then into the heater. Inside the heater, the gas burns, generating heat that gets transferred to the water and is returned to the pool.

Gas pool heater benefits include:

  • Providing a high BTU rating, allowing your pool to warm quickly
  • Efficient energy use
  • Reduced operation time compared to electric heaters
  • Less expensive to operate than electric heaters

Don’t forget to make sure the heater is properly sized for your pool! Over or undersized heaters can strain the heater or use more energy than is necessary to heat your pool.

Electric pool heaters

Significantly less common in Ontario (due to the cost of operation), electric pool heaters run an electric current through the pool heater’s element to generate heat energy. As water passes over the heating element, heat is dispersed and warms the water, while simultaneously cooling the resistor.

Electric pool heater benefits include:

  • Less expensive to purchase than gas heaters
  • Reliability
  • Longevity, if maintained regularly
  • The ability to both cool or heat your pool

While there are many benefits to electric heating for your pool, operational costs are prohibitive and we recommend that our customers consider a gas option.

Pool heater installation and maintenance

At TAME Group, our installation and service team perform all electric and gas installations to code, with all required permits, and are ESA and TSSA certified. In other words, we’re qualified and get the job done right (and safely)!

We also use the best, most-reliable pool heater brands, including Hayward and Jandy.

Whether you’re looking for a quote or have questions, our team of professionals is here to help. Just reach out!

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