Should I Repair or Replace My Air Conditioning Unit?

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When it’s 30℃ inside, you know it’s time to check your air conditioning unit. No one wants to live in a sweltering home, and your team at work will not function well in extreme heat — in fact, in some cases, it isn’t permitted by law.

The question is, should you repair or replace your AC unit? At TAME Group, we hear this question a lot. Our experts put together key considerations to help you decide whether to repair or replace your AC:

Your Older Machine Sucks Energy

energy saving benefits of replacing your air conditioner

If your current air conditioner is 12 years or older, it’s likely that it uses a lot more energy to operate than the newer models. New models are more energy-efficient and will use 20-40% less energy than older models. Updating your AC unit will result in lower bills for your home or business.

The SEER or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio indicates how efficient your air conditioning unit is — the higher the SEER, the lower your energy consumption. In the past, the standard SEER was set at 10. The minimum has since gone up to 13, and can range up to 25.5.

Your AC Unit Needs Regular Repairs

If your air conditioner needs frequent service you should replace it

Eventually, your air conditioning unit will be in need of frequent repairs, and this is typically a sign that it may be nearing the end of its life. Repairing and replacing parts in your air conditioner can cost hundreds of dollars, and having a repair person visit your location every time a repair is needed can quickly add up. At some point, the upkeep for an inefficient unit may not be worth the money you are paying to try and keep it going.

Your Unit Uses R-22 Refrigerant (Freon)

repair man working on air conditioner

R-22 was a widely used refrigerant in many older air conditioners for decades. The federal government banned the import and production of R-22 as of January 1, 2020 upon discovery that it was depleting the ozone layer. If your current system uses R-22, you’ll need to replace it. Newer units use the R410A refrigerant, which makes them more environmentally friendly and much more efficient.

You’re Cranking Up Your AC

if you are always cranking up the AC you should replace your unit

If you find that you need to constantly adjust the temperature in your home or business to keep it cool, then your AC unit is no longer operating effectively. Adjusting your thermostat is not only annoying, but it also indicates that your unit is struggling to keep your space cool. If your air conditioning is running all the time, and not cycling off when the desired temperature is reached, this may also indicate problems.

Consider Your Home’s Resale Value

if you are selling your house your HVAC can impact your home value. Two air conditioners side by side, one new and one old.

If you’re considering selling your home in the near future, you should have your air conditioning unit inspected. If you have an outdated air conditioning system or no system at all, installing a new, energy-efficient air conditioning unit will add value to your home and will show your potential buyers that you have taken care of and invested in your home.

Contact the team at TAME Group today to conduct an inspection of your air conditioning unit and advise you about whether you should replace or repair it. We’re always here to help!

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  • Andrew Agar

    A master piece article for any homeowner confused about current condition of cooling system

  • Dennis plamer

    All the tips are very helpful to figure out when to replace or repair my existing air conditioning unit or furnace. I’ll definitely consider the mentioned points in the post. Thanks.

  • Rhianna Hawk

    My AC hasn’t been working for a while, and I’m considering just upgrading to something new rather than trying to get it fixed. As you said, older machines aren’t as efficient as the newer models, and with the way mine was acting, it wasn’t even up to the old model standards, anyway. In the end, I agree that trying to fix it would probably cost more than just replacing the thing, and it’s nice that I’d save money on energy afterward.

  • Industrial Chiller

    Very informative and great tips thanks for sharing waiting for the next blog post. amazing

  • Richard

    I really appreciate this article for reminding us on some points in dealing with air conditioning problems. First off, I wanted to say that it’s important that we choose a technician that is experienced and certified.

  • Joejamail

    Thanks for sharing this article. I like your blog how to refrigeration maintenance to new air condition can save you 20-40% on your monthly bills. Air conditioners that require regular repairs may have reached their end of life. The cost of having a repair person visit your location and spend time repairing your unit can really add up.

    Please keep blogging new updates.

  • Tanu Ahuja

    Hey! I really liked this blog! Thanks for sharing information about Air Conditioner maintenance. I recently bought my AC and it has some problems. Was really confused if I should get a new one or repair the old one. Now I m going to call an experienced technician for repairing my AC

  • Bluestar

    Nice Blog! Thank you so much for sharing this kind of wonderful things.

  • cherrycheck

    Thank you for sharing such useful information. Its a very nice and informative post. If you want to buy best air conditioner in India than checkout reviews and comparison at Their information will help you to pick the perfect product for you.

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