What Are the Benefits of Switching to Natural Gas Appliances?

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Whether you’re looking to upgrade your appliances from electric to natural gas or trying to find out more information about the benefits of switching to natural gas appliances, Therm-All has you covered.

In this blog, we break down the three main reasons why people make the switch to gas. Let’s take a look:

The Benefits of Switching

1. They’re energy-efficient

Natural gas appliances are almost always cheaper to operate than their electric counterparts. This is especially true in a province like Ontario that has some of the highest electricity rates on the continent.

The efficiency of natural gas appliances also means they’ll reduce your carbon footprint quite substantially compared to their electric counterparts.

2. They’re cost-effective

When it comes to saving money each month, Direct Energy writes, “If you boil it down strictly to operating costs, gas is almost invariably cheaper than electricity for powering gas-compatible appliances.”

You can save even more money by using a programmable thermostat with your gas furnace. A programmable thermostat will save you about $100 a year in energy costs.

3. They’re convenient

With underground pipelines and a country rich in natural gas, you’ll almost never have to worry about running out of fuel.

Oh! And with a natural gas barbecue, you’ll never have to run to grab propane in the middle of grilling dinner ever again. Saying goodbye to propane refills is a reason in and of itself to make the switch.

Want to upgrade to natural gas? Safety first!

If you’re looking to upgrade your appliances to natural gas, make sure you give Therm-All a call.

Our gas specialists are licensed and expertly trained to help you find the right appliances for your home. They’ll also make sure that your appliances are installed correctly and that your home is well ventilated and meets important safety guidelines.

Get in touch with Therm-All today.

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